Sunday, August 20, 2006

Intelligent Correspondence

The majority of letters to the Moist-Towelette usually consist of the same kind of scribbles, dribbles, and drool that characterizes the rag's editorials. Occasionally, however, a well-written, truthful, and intelligent piece of correspondence sees publication on the page of the paper that is normally a senseless waste of the life of some trees.

For instance, see this morning's Issue One: The BP pipeline.

Two guys who obviously know what the hell they are talking about refute the PG's allegation from an earlier editorial. The paper stated that the consequences of the BP pipeline leak will cause us to pay more for gas all over the country, and are attributable to the incumbent President of the United States. (Or, to summarize 80% of all PG editorials, "Everything is Bush's fault!") The letter writers basically pointed out what a great asshole the PG editorialists comprise, and explained why the basic premise of the piece was in error.

Of course Pittsburgh and vicinity will not be greatly affected by the pipeline problem. As soon as the news broke, broadcast and print media told us that gas prices would soon go up. Of course I was worried.

Gas prices in my neighborhood were $2.99 then. I thought they would go up to $3.20 in a big hurry.

As of this weekend, gas is $2.86 a gallon at the local pump.

The only reason I can think of for this area's continued support of a worthless piece of crap like the PG is that the many old houses in the area are plumbed with antique, brain-damaging lead pipes.

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