Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let's All Get Gas

The news is good.

Like I said the other day, the price of gas at the pump is dropping locally. I don't know if it will go any lower, or whether it will rise again, given that the market for oil internationally is so volatile. But it does feel good to see the per gallon price fall below 2.90.

As if 2.89 for gas is cheap!

Still, it beats the heck out of California. Pittsburgh would stop dead in its tracks if it had to pay 3.30 per gallon. I wouldn't blame someone from Cali if they wanted to move here to pay for (relatively) inexpensive gasoline.

A year ago, I very nearly decided to stay in Minnesota at the end of vacation just because of the lower prices at the pump. But I'm not so desperate that I'm going to call off work Friday and wait two hours for gasoline at a station that's just a three minute drive from home.

Clever ploy, though. The gas pump is the gas pimp!

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