Sunday, August 20, 2006

Parental Abandonment

According to a Washington Post article republished in this morning's Moist-Towelette, a demographic group called "security moms" are abandoning the Republican party in droves this year.

To learn this, the reporter had to go to a place in Ohio called CLINTONville.

That's cute. Let me know when you visit a place called Reagansburg, and maybe I will start taking you seriously.

(More psycho PG campaigning for Democrats here and here. Shorter version: Ed Rendell has a big ass and the New Hampshire primary is racist!)


jipzeecab said...

Dems can be so stupid they would declare New Hampshire a "renegade" state if they move up the date of their primary.
Don't they realize the mainstream media loves the NH Primary because they can stay in creature comfort Boston and commute to the granite state everyday..?..

Nicko McDave said...


When I visited hot swampy Washington D.C. three years ago this month, I took great solace in knowing that the media was suffering even worse from the Texas heat down in Crawford, trying to cover the President. It must have given them another reason to support a Massachussetts based politician in 2004.