Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stuck In A Rut

The Most Metal Lawyer in Minnesota says:

A dreary ennui seems to have befallen most of the local bloggers worth reading this week. And also ones not worth reading, like KAR. There's nothing out there to mock, ridicule, laugh at, impugn, throw feces at, fisk, or poop on.

It's not just local Twin Cities bloggers who feel that way. My posting has fallen to about 1-2 entries per week. I still check out both Pittsburgh papers' web sites every day, but nothing really moves me to comment, excerpt, fisk, or anything else Foot mentions above. It's not that I haven't thought of anything to say. It's just that I've said it all before. Why bother?

I can take down a couple of recent Moist-Towelette columns without excerpting or going past a few sentences. Look:
  • On Tuesday, we were told by one writer that President Bush is no good because he reads books, and he farts. Ah well. I wasn't planning to enter public service anyway.
  • You can hammer a point for days, weeks, months and years, making yourself sound like the world's most intellectual curmudgeon, but when someone publishes a book that agrees with everything you've written in the last three years, you turn into a giddy little boy playing with his new toys on Christmas morning. "See! I was right, because somebody put it in a book!" That's called validation, folks. It is the reason that I generally refrain from reading political books. Sure, Ann Coulter might be a fun read, and I might get a thrill in knowing that ownership of her works makes morons burst blood vessels, but it simply is not worth the time and money to read that someone knows things that I already know, and believes things that I am largely in agreement with. I prefer informed entertainment to informed opinion. Give me a P.J. O'Rourke travelogue anyday.

Or, better yet, go read some blogs. It's real people, in real time, talking about real events, expressing their own thoughts. What do you prefer -- being spoon-fed what to think, or forming your own beliefs through the free exchange of thoughts and ideas?

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