Saturday, September 09, 2006

Politicians On A Spit

Long time readers (all two or three of you) will recall the very special event that I went to around this time last year. As you can see, it had its ups and downs for me, personally, and if nothing else was good fodder for one of my better blog entries.

The local Republican committee is hosting another one this year -- and it's tonight! Not only that, but I will once again have the wife and kids in tow. It's very awkward. My wife is a Democrat, and I worry that she may feel uneasy around so many Republicans. (That is as opposed to feeling very easy around one particular Republican, as evidenced by our 4 1/2 children.) My kids might like the food, as long as it lasts, and the balloons, if the Balloon Man returns. Otherwise, a bunch of people standing around talking at the podium is not their idea of a good time, so they occupy themselves by getting up, running around, and making noise. I shall therefore do what I can to work off their energy by getting them outside to play later this afternoon, right up to the time that we go inside for the corn roast.

As for the adult stuff, there are a number of important races being contested in our area and this sort of event always brings out the candidates en masse. These include:

  • Senator Rick Santorum. He has a major challenge from Pennsylvania Dishrag Treasurer Bob Casey, so you can be sure to see Rick show up in all corners of the commonwealth, including right here in the area where he got his start in politics as a Congressman. It will be interesting to see if any Moonbats show up to heckle him. I just hope he shows up in the same casual clothes that he wears to county fairs; some of the speakers last year just stood out a little too much from the crowd in their suits and ties. (Be sure to check out both the official campaign blog and the unofficial supporter-maintained SantorumBlog.)
  • Congressman Tim Murphy. He was at the corn roast last year, in suit and tie. A couple of months after that appearance he was injured in Iraq. He is not one of the most high-profile people in Congress, so there are no blogs for him, no blogs against him, and not even an official campaign site (unless it's hidden from Google).
  • Bill Ogden, candidate for the State House of Representatives (seat currently held by Tom Petrone). He's the guy who looks like Nikita Koloff. His web site has changed a little since last Spring. The html has improved a bit, and his opponent is no longer "politics as usual"; he now mentions Tom Petrone by name. That helps a bit. Actually, it helps a lot. Challenging the incumbent directly is better than saying "vote for me because I'm not the incumbent", despite what the folks who condemn "negative advertising" have to say. He has the toughest chance at winning, but he's well worth voting for.
  • Lots of local folks. You wouldn't know who they are. I don't know most of them, but that's okay because most of them don't know me either.
The one big name who is not expected to attend is gubernatorial candidate Lynn Swann, which is too bad. He seems like a really super guy and has been all over the state meeting voters this summer. However, don't be surprised if the Chick Who Thinks She's Qui-Gon Jinn shows up on his behalf. She works for the Swann campaign now.

If anything "interesting" happens tonight, I'll post something later. Just remember what they say about "interesting times".

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