Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She's A Blonde, She's On MySpace, And She's Legal!

Sometimes the title of an article on a newspaper's web site is just too good not to click on. After all, what was I to make of a Tribune-Review article titled "Blonde attorney seeks new clients", without having read a single word thereof? What is the relevance of some lawyer's hair color, and why is it news that she is looking for clients to represent? The title sounds like the start of a singles ad. I needed to click and read.

As it turns out, there is indeed a blonde attorney who is seeking new clients. Like many lawyers, she is soliciting these new clients through advertising. Her methods are, however, very 21st century in their approach. Rather than buying advertising time on the evening news or the business section of the newspaper, she is using Craigslist and MySpace, as well as blogs, to reach out to young people in need of representation.

Her specialty is bankruptcy, which is also pretty popular today.

If you were wondering about just how "blonde" she is, check out her MySpace page. She cute, huh? Too bad she's taken -- sorry, single guys!

Now if you will please excuse me, I'm going to go see if the Mpls Star-Tribune has published an article entitled "Italian lawyer seeks new Iron Maiden CD".


jipzeecab said...

We have a dishwater blond attorney in my family..she uses her skills to keep convicts in prison.
I've heard that Edgar Snyder's office space is larger than a typical supermarket so it must pay to advertise.

Nicko McDave said...

Many years ago when I was employed by a major book retailer, a lady customer tripped and fell on one of the stools that we used to reach the higher shelves. We were rather surprised to learn a few days later that she was pursuing legal action against the store.

I won't mention her name. Suffice it to say that she is from a very prominent Pittsburgh family that has produced many bankers and lawyers over the last 200 years. You would think that she would have used her family connections to hire a high-priced attorney who only caters to the elite of society.

Nope. She called Edgar Snyder, because he was in HER corner. I still chuckle when I recall how our Assistant Manager walked around the store with a big smile on his face and telling the employees, "We're being sued by EDGAR SHHNYDER!"