Friday, September 15, 2006

Up Yours, Tony

This morning's vicious anti-family piece (of you-know-what) by the PG's Tony Norman is certainly the most despicable thing I've seen in a newspaper in a long time, possibly ever.

The one time I met Tony was about sixteen years ago. He was a newish, fresh-faced reporter covering the local music scene. I liked the guy. He seemed like a really nice dude. Somewhere along the way, he was "promoted" to the columnist job, from whence he spouts political opinions on newsworthy topics. Usually I disagree with everything he says, but I've been able to respect the way he presents it.

Until now, that is.

Tony tells us (in the form of a snarky letter of complaint to Children, Youth & Family services) that Senator Rick Santorum is "truly evil" for putting his children in a campaign commercial. That, in and of itself, would just be annoying. But Tony doesn't stick with that point. Oh no. He goes on to verbally abuse each of Rick's kids for their roles in the TV spot, essentially referring to them as hellspawns. He expects the kids to grow up to be ashamed of their father. He implies that the inclusion of the Santorum children in the ad was "cynical" on the part of the Senator and possibly a violation of child labor laws.

I can understand that Tony Norman is largely being sarcastic and trying for a few laughs here; it's what columnists do. What I can't understand is why he would turn his hatred of Rick Santorum on the kids. Demons? Overworked?

Tony often refers to his own children in his columns, and it's obvious that he loves them. So does Rick Santorum love his. You would think that a guy with kids of his own would know better than to go after someone's relationship with his offspring.

This is a good example of why the PG needs to be sold, folded, moved out of town, or whatever, and all of its scribblers forced to seek honest work for once in their lives. We might see considerably fewer letters like these from other family-hating anti-Santorum critics.

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jipzeecab said...

Re: the letters
Most publications wouldn't have FOUR anti Santorum letters on the same subject unless they had at least three pro letters for balance.
There was a time (up until 20 years ago)when candidates wouldn't post a picture that showed their kids faces because they worried about them getting snatched.
I used to use both my children in radio ads for candidate and issue campaigns I was managing. They loved it at the time but I suppose today they would love to have gotten paid.