Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What's In The News Today

In which I read the newspaper:

  • The Pork Authority wants to raise transit fares. Again. And again and again. That federal highway money that was supposed to have nothing to do with public transportation dries up at the start of next year. How could Fast Eddie Rendell, the savior of public transit in Pennsylvania, let this happen? Could it have something to do with the fact that the federal subsidy will last almost two months past election day? Way to play with taxpayer money to get yourself re-elected, jackass!
  • Gas sure is cheap these days, isn't it? Well, compared to what it's been for the last few months, it's cheap. Here's an article about it that is refreshingly free of moonbat conspiracy crap.
  • A popular nightspot near my old stomping grounds burned the other night. I hadn't realized that it wasn't Callahan's anymore. I went there once for a rather tame bachelor party and twice for slightly more feral kids' birthday parties. It seemed a nice place, and the owner of Callahan's was in my typing class in high school. I wonder if he still owns the new place.
  • Some moonbat wrote a piece of moron mail about the current controversy over the timing of the next Pittsburgh mayoral election. He concludes with a gratuitous swipe at President Bush. (That guarantees that a letter will be printed top-of-the-page.)
  • This is intellectual masturbation. Like Osama Bin Laden would have given up if Gore had done anything differently. As if Gore would have taken action. Keep fantasizing, if it makes you feel better.
  • Minnesotans live longer than Pennsylvanians. Well, of course. The cold air preserves humans well. It's nature's cryogenics lab.

I ought to make plans to move.

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