Friday, October 27, 2006

It Just Gets Worse

Ever notice how the news just goes from bad to worse some days?

For instance, this morning's paper has an article about the Pork Authority's financial woes. This could be bad news for me because I use the bus to commute to work and back every day. But it's also par for the course; there's nothing Earth-shattering about it. Life goes on.

Then there is the story about the Old Order Amish couple who are having immigration problems with DHS. The Amish are not Islamic terrorists. Their case should have been given special consideration, and not allowed to get to the point where the man had to file a lawsuit. But this doesn't affect me personally, so I move along.

The next thing I read is an article about a "glitch" in Allegheny County's 911 system the other day that might have contributed to the death of a little baby. The system was down for hours, and the family was unable to contact a dispatcher for medical assistance. I have a two-week old baby at home, and I think about things like this all the time. Sure, this happened to someone else's kid, but it could have happened to mine. What if something bad happens, and we can't do anything about it? The news is starting to affect me.

So I turn away from the news, and visit one of my favorite sarcastically satirical blogs to read this:

WARNING: This post is not funny.
And it wasn't. Learned Foot, whom I had the pleasure of meeting when I visited Minnesota back in August 2005, and whom I consider a friend (distance notwithstanding), has entered a time of family crisis. His wife has been diagnosed with cancer.

This really hits home for me. One of my parents died of cancer when I was in my early twenties. It was a rough time, and not one that I would care to relive or wish on my worst enemy. Today, I am a husband and father of five children. My wife and I are in our late thirties, and pretty content with life in general. We never consider the possibility that something bad might happen to us. But it could.

And it has happened, to Learned Foot's family. And family is the silver lining in this cloud of bad news. Mrs. Foot has people around her who love and support her. She has people all over Minnesota, and at least as far away as Pittsburgh, whom she has never met, who are concerned and supportive in her battle against cancer.

With all of those thoughts and prayers behind her, I believe she can fight this thing.

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