Monday, October 02, 2006


According to Site Meter, Ohligarchy -- man, I've gotten tired of that name. I do wish I had thought of something more creative to call this blog -- anyway, Ohligarchy welcomed its 10,000th visitor just after 2:30 on Saturday afternoon. Based on the demographic information provided by Site Meter, I would guess that the landmark visitor was that Mobil Smith guy.

Did I say Milestone? I think I meant Millstone.

Just kidding! Please keep coming back! I'll try to come up with witty and insightful commentary (or silly and insane ramblings) more often!


Leo Pusateri said...

Congratulations, sir!~

You are indeed a gentleman and a scholar!

jipzeecab said...

Congratulations on hitting 10,000..

As luck would have it I hit 4,000 at 8:28 this evening..someone from Cleveland googling Coach Cowher's extramarital hanky panky.
#3,998 early this afternoon was someone called "Dormont Dave" routed through New Brunswick NJ.