Friday, October 20, 2006

A Name Game

Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Psychosis-Gazette wonders why Senator Rick Santorum won't meet with the paper's editorial board to vie for an endorsement. Tony needs to read his own column. This morning's effort is typical of the paper's Santorum reporting. Speaking to the editorial board to try to get them to like him would be a vast waste of Rick's time. Why bother? With coverage like the PG's, he better off going to the other side of the Commonwealth to speak to newspaper people. Which is just what he did:

So, instead of talking to us, Mr. Santorum chose to spend quality time with an editorial board firmly ensconced in the leafy suburbs of Philadelphia.
Gee, do you think Tony is a little miffed at being stood up by someone he hates? I detect a note of jealousy in his words.

Tony then informs us that Rick Santorum is demented because he based an analogy of the Iraq War on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga. Tony would have preferred that the Senator had drawn his inspiration from the likes of "Shakespeare, Milton and Melville". Tolkien, it seems, is lowbrow compared to those other dead white males. Perhaps Tony will feel the same way about Melville if someone makes a movie based on Billy Budd.

Anyway, comparing LOTR to Iraq has been done.

Actually, Fellowship 911 says more about Michael Moore than it does about the war. It's still funny!

Tony concludes thusly:
Look at Santorum's name. Now, recall the name of the character who used to be a good wizard in Middle-Earth before he became a villain: Saruman, the White. Get it? Saruman, Santorum -- Santorum, Saruman. It's almost a perfect anagram.
Name games are fun! Let me try:

Look at Tony Norman's name. Now, recall the word that was once used by psychologists to describe someone with an I.Q. between 51 and 70: Moron. Get it? Moron, Norman -- Norman, Moron. It's almost a perfect anagram.

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