Friday, October 20, 2006

Things I Missed

These days it seems like I'm too busy with work and home to fire off more than a post or two every week, so let's run through a few items I would have preferred to comment on at greater length had I the time to do so:

  • My State Rep candidate, Bill Ogden, is getting some coverage at last. I'm still not sure if he has a chance to win in this heavily Democrat-laden district, but at least the media is taking his campaign seriously.
  • Ever hear of "reds under the bed"? Earlier this week there were Commies in my neighborhood! If these AFL-CIO clowns had come to my house, I would have given them three seconds to get the hell off my property, or face my wrath. My wife, on the other hand, would likely have listened to everything they had to say and signed anything that they thrust in her direction. (She's done that sort of thing before.) What is the purpose of this canvassing? They want people to vote for Casey instead of Santorum. They found a lot of people who want to vote against Santorum, and a few who want to vote for Santorum, but almost no one who wants to vote for Casey. This is starting to sound like a replay of Kerry vs. Bush. Kerry wasn't the preferred Democratic candidate so much as he was the anti-Bush, and that more than anything made him a weak candidate. Let's see if it works in Pennsylvania this year.
  • Lots of Halloween costumes are popular this year, but none more so than pirate apparel. My seven year old has a Captain Jack Sparrow costume all ready to wear. Whatever happened to putting a sheet over your head and going as a ghost?

More later. Maybe.

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