Friday, November 03, 2006

Giving Credit Where It's Due

You don't see something like this very often. From Tony Norman's column this morning:

Speaking of empathy, two months ago I wrote a column criticizing Rick Santorum's use of his children in a political ad. In criticizing the senator for dragging his kids into one of the most acrimonious Senate races in the country, I may have stepped over the line by giving nicknames to his six kids. The nickname "Big Lisp" seems to have outraged people the most. I also denigrated the good work of Children Youth and Families (CYF), an Allegheny County agency that has dramatically turned itself around in the last decade. Had I that column to do over again, I'd make the same points minus the gratuitous insults. Those were unnecessary. Sometimes, I'm just evil. Ask my wife. See what laughing at a good movie and residual guilt can do to a person? Nope, I refuse to apologize for smacking Bush around. Do I look like John Kerry to you?
Plenty of letters-to-the-editor writers, bloggers (including me), and others did indeed react with outrage to Tony's column of September 15. It's good to see that he can express his regret while sticking to his core beliefs. I can respect that.

Thank you, Tony Norman.

In answer to his last question, no. Not at all:

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