Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm Pro-Something Or Other, And I Vote

Make that vot-ED, past tense. I try to hit the polls as soon after 7 AM as possible, every election.

In recent days, the political blogosphere has been rife with posts urging concerned voters to participate in last hour GOTV efforts. GOTV has never influenced me, one way or the other. My mind is made up well before the morning of Election Day. "Get Out The Vote"? I already got out my vote. Now I just need to go turn it in. I just ignore GOTV calls. That's what answering machines are for.

Embarassing fact: Until a couple of years ago, I thought that GOTV stood for "Grand Old Television", a Republican cable network. I was certain of this, and even more certain that there had to be some conspiracy theory to explain why I could never find it on my cable system.

But like I said, GOTV never swayed me anyway.

Back to this morning: I headed out around 7:20 AM to push the buttons on the screen. I like it. Even if my vote gets lost and doesn't count, I still like the touch screens. They are like toys. My area is heavily Democrat enough that I usually get to play around with at least one write-in vote. I don't waste it on the likes of Mickey Mouse, either. I vote for someone on the local committee, or a relative; whatever I decide, I vote for someone who lives in the jurisdiction of the uncontested race. My "candidate" always gives me a strange look when I tell him/her that "I voted for YOU!"

You would think that people would appreciate that kind of recognition.

I did not have to wait long for my chance at the toy computer voting machine. There was a crowd of people inside the front door, but those folks were hitting the church bake sale down the hall from the voting place. No one was in line when I got there. Compare that to two years ago, when there was a heated Presidential race and I waited in line outside for twenty minutes. Either no one cares this year, or they are going to show up later. I expected better turnout that early in the morning.

My votes went to all of the Republican candidates on the ballot. Rick Santorum...Lynn Swann...Tim Murphy...Bill Ogden. No one was running against State Senator Wayne Fontana, so I wrote in a relative. One of these days I'll mention it to him.

On the ballot question, I voted "NO". As much as I dislike voting "against veterans", as some people might be inclined to phrase it, there has been little or no mention of the bureaucracy involved in this initiative. Plus, ballot questions just smack of the legislature passing its responsibilities off onto the voters.

Six hours until the polls close. Have you voted yet?

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