Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Joining Of Heaven And Earth

...metaphorically speaking, that is.

When I was a lad, I had a voracious appetite for superhero comic books. (Reading them, not eating them.) Every month I looked for the best Marvel and DC titles on the market. Loved them. Read them all over and over again. I still have a few tucked away in boxes at home.

At the same time, my grandmother was a regular viewer of CBS soap opera The Guiding Light. She must have gone years without missing an episode. The rest of the family knew all of the characters and situations, even if we didn't follow the show, just because my grandmother's interests rubbed off on everyone else.

It would have been unthinkable that my childhood passion and my grandmother's favorite television program would ever converge. Superheros battling evil on a serious television drama? Ludicrous!

Thirty years later, it's a new century, a new millennium, and times have changed. My grandmother, and those of her generation, have passed from this earth. Comic book heroes are all the rage in motion pictures, as well as animated and live action television shows. Every business is looking for some kind of angle to attract customers in some novel way. So why not put superheroes in a soap opera, and soap opera characters in comic books? It's a great idea for a crossover: Soap fans will want to see what their characters are doing in comics, and comic fans will want to see a superhero come to life on a daytime drama.

As it happens, my grandmother's old favorite, The Guiding Light, has gotten together with Marvel Comics to present a new hero called, of course, the Guiding Light. It's a lady. A blond lady with a sexy tummy. And do you know what? The concept works. Speaking as a comics fan, I can say without reservation that this show plays out exactly like a comic book story. And furthermore, the way that the character handles her newfound powers is done just the way that I would have done, had I ever acquired super powers. I haven't enjoyed anything comics related this much in years.

Naturally, there is a "super villain" behind the scenes. A mysterious, anonymous, unseen force for evil who seems to be part of an ongoing storyline that was not resolved in this episode. What sort of dastardly evildoer was the Guiding Light obsessed with finding during her forays into crimefighting?


Yes, the soap opera world's idea of a villain is someone who posts stuff on blogs. Am I offended by this? Not at all. There are plenty of villainous bloggers out there. Some people probably think that I am a villain. Having a blogger as the bad guy is a very hip, cool and contemporary thing to do.

If you want to see the entire episode, go to this page and follow the link. Four stars! Two thumbs up! It's fun.

As for my grandmother...I believe that if she were alive to see this show, she would hate it. But we would watch together anyway, just for the novelty of it all. And that's something that we would both enjoy.

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