Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Guy WON!

Hey, guess what? One of the candidates whom I voted for last night ACTUALLY WON HIS RACE:

18th District
U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, who also coasted to victory in his first two congressional elections, bucked the upheaval affecting some of his peers in Pennsylvania and across the nation.
He was never threatened in the race by underfunded Democratic challenger Chad Kluko, who was making his first bid for public office.
Despite a voting record supportive of the White House and GOP leadership in Congress, Mr. Murphy, 54, counted on voters recognizing him as a familiar face, concerned about community and constituent issues. The child psychologist also made a habit of besting Democrats easily in state Senate races in the South Hills before becoming a congressman the past four years.
"I ran this campaign like I run my office, continually focused on the local issues," Mr. Murphy said after being assured of comfortable victory. "How other people handle their campaigns -- I don't know how other people do it -- but I know we will be continuing to respond to local needs."
Yep. I've heard some extreme Republican-hating Democrats say what a good guy Murphy is. And he's a conservative, too. His ideology and registration aren't important to people around here; he represents his constituents. How many Congressman can you say that about?

As for the other races...what the heck is wrong with you people???

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