Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Orange You Glad You Tried That Brew?

A few months ago, my professional assistant left my employ to take a position in another state. So, the night before his last day working for me, I treated him (and some of his employees) to a night out at a local pub. Like most local pubs in a college town, this place has nightly $1 draft specials. That night was Blue Moon night.

I had never heard of Blue Moon before -- but I was willing to try it. In fact, I think I tried it close to a dozen times before I had to run and catch my bus. Yeah, I was drunk on the bus. First time in years I've gotten drunk. I rather enjoyed it until the next morning, when I awakened with a large sharp rock growing in the middle of my head. That was enough to remind me why I don't get drunk anymore.

Blue Moon is similar to other wheat beers that I have enjoyed in the past, in the sense that you don't realize that you are intoxicated until you stand up to walk to the rest room, only to discover that your legs no longer work. The one thing that distinguishes Blue Moon from other wheat beers is the preferred garnish -- a slice of orange.

Unusual? Yes -- but it works.

I didn't worry about who made it or where it came from because I was having too much fun drinking the stuff to care about its background. Chad the Elder at Fraters Libertas has put up a post this morning that explains everything that I should have wondered about Blue Moon, but never bothered to ask. It's a Coors product! I should have known. Coors is my favorite right-wing American brewer. Kudos to one of Minnesota's finest information sources.

I feel like going out and tossing back a few Blue Moons right now. And it's not even 7:30 in the morning!

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