Monday, November 27, 2006

Well Hello There!

Good morning! How was your holiday? Mine was fine, thanks. Nothing much going on. Here are some boring highlights:

  • Watched just over half of the Macy's parade on Thursday. The first hour was mainly network shills babbling about nothing, with excerpts from show tunes interspersed between banter to keep things interesting. I especially enjoyed the Grinch musical number.
  • Let my wife do most of the work on the turkey and fixings. Well, I did make the gravy, but she doesn't eat gravy -- or most sauces and condiments, for that matter. Nothing like doing yourself a favor on Thanksgiving!
  • The power went out for about 10 minutes when the turkey had about 2 hours to go in the oven. That was a harrowing experience.
  • The following morning, I had to take one of my kids on a bus ride to a medical appointment. As we waited for the bus, I told him that a lot of people are off work the day after Thanksgiving, and we might have the bus all to ourselves. Damn if I wasn't right about that! If not for us, that bus driver's effort would have been for naught.
  • What was up with that Friday morning fog? That was kind of eerie when we came out of the Liberty Tubes. You couldn't see either side of the river. You couldn't see the river below you. It would have been a great setting for a horror/suspense film.
  • Not much interesting in the news. Well, there was, but not interesting enough to motivate me to blog about it.
  • I listened to the NARN radio programme for over three hours on Saturday before realizing that the whole thing was a replay of the previous week's broadcast. Either that, or Mitch and Lileks were reading from a script and had so much fun that they decided to do it all over again. I didn't mind. It's always a treat to hear Lileks.
  • We had a family birthday celebration. The highlight of our birthdays is always the Dairy Queen ice cream cake. The best part? The chocolate goo in the middle layer. Heaven!
  • One of my pet projects is digitization of just about every photographic image in my family's private collection. I have been very lax about this lately, so I took advantage of the long weekend to resume scanning with a vengeance.

Time to get back to some serious blogging. Cheers!

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