Monday, January 08, 2007

Gotta Find That Woman!

This is one of the more interesting searches that I have seen in a while. Now, who spots an attractive woman in a casino and uses some vague Internet search to try and find out who she is? The search string smacks of desperation.

Dude, if you're really that hot to find out who she is, go back to the casino and hang out until you see her again, and if she's really that hot, go over and talk to her. Sheesh!


jipzeecab said...

Since we are always noticing these inane searchs I must point out the silly coincidence that I spent two years living and teaching on the Winnebago Reservation which is the Nebraska version of this same "Ho Chunk" tribe whose members flow freely back and forth to their origin in the "Dells".

Nicko McDave said...

Did I know that you once lived on a res? I don't think I did.

You need to put one of those "states visited" maps on your blog showing which states you've lived in. I'm losing track.