Friday, January 19, 2007

Mayoral Meltdown?

Politics is not for the thin of skin.

Anyone who has ever run for office in the history of this country knows that being a public figure attracts criticism of all sorts. From the elite media to the average citizen, someone is going to have something negative to say about you, and you can't let it get under your epidermis.

Pittsburgh's nearly-fresh-out-of-college mayor is now dealing with the revelation that he had a scuffle with a policeman outside of a Steelers game when he was a city councilman a couple of years ago. He's not dealing with it very well. Instead of being content to explain his side of the story, he accuses bloggers of spreading "conspiracy theories".

When a politician starts getting paranoid about people who write commentary as a hobby on the internet, you can smell a meltdown coming.

"If you look at the infamous blogger that has been blogging, referring to me as Mayor Opie, referring to me as somebody not capable of doing the job, there's a clear pattern there that that individual does not care for me," the mayor said.
Boo-hoo-hoo! A mean man with a computer (and no small amount of experience working in local media) called me a name and doesn't like me! The media honeymoon is over, pal. Get used to it.

Luke needs to get a thicker skin, or get out of politics.

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jipzeecab said...

I'm sure you're aware that John McIntire recently was let go by KDKA radio and is between jobs again. It appears that one of KDKA's affiliate radio stations may pick up his show.