Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Minimum Compensation

So, who's happy about the federally mandated minimum wage increase? Anyone?

If you are, you can sod off and die.

Everything that we evil right-wing types have been saying about the minimum wage is already coming to pass. My employer informed me today that we will have to cut back on part-time workers by July, when the second increment takes effect. That means more work for me and my full-time assistant, which we can handle, but also less work available for people whom we might otherwise be able to hire. The institution that employs me just does not have room in its budget to cover the part-timers' wages, especially considering that expenses are going up all around.

Watch how much more expensive everything gets in a few months. If you want to blame GWB for this one, go ahead, as he had been saying that he was going to sign the bill well before it crossed his desk. Just don't forget who he colluded with to get this put into law. Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to YOU, donkey girl. Go study some real economics before you try and Bolshevize the American Republic, you twits.

If I sound angry and resentful, consider this: Everyone at the bottom is getting automatic raises because of the new law. I get nothing. There is no compensation to keep me at the same level that I am at right now. My woefully underpaid assistant is going to get a bump in pay. I wish the same would happen for me.

The only compensation that I get is my annual federal income tax refund. It's usually a hefty amount that I can use to pay some bills and spend on the house each year. It's also a reminder that, given the size of my family, I am living below the poverty line. This is according to guidelines established by the same federal government that thinks it can eradicate poverty by raising the minimum wage.

Yeah, right about now, I feel like kicking Uncle Sam in his red, white and mostly blue balls.

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jipzeecab said...

You forgot the economic kicker which is real reason the Democratic Party (because of its Labor ties)always supports raising the minimum wage; that being that many of the vast number of union bargained labor contracts contain automatic pay raise escalator clauses tied to minimum wage increases.