Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The 2008 Presidential Race

First off, no Democrats. It's bad enough that I'm married to one; I don't want those people running the country again.

I could easily say that same thing about a lot of Republicans. But I won't. Not yet, anyway.

My favorite elections are presidential primaries because I get to vote for my ideal candidate, the one who doesn't stand a chance of winning but should, or for the "protest" candidate whose very presence on the ballot ought to keep the front runner in line.

This time around, my ideal candidate is Ron Paul. If every member of the House and Senate were put on trial for treason for violating their oaths to uphold and defend the constitution, Ron Paul would be the only one to escape the hangman's noose. It's doesn't bother me that he's been characterized as the "anti-war" Republican. He views everything through the lens of the constitution, which is as it should be.

Plus, he went to school in the borough where I live. It's always cool to see a local guy do well.

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Apollo said...

Hello, just browsing around some political blogs, and I thought your thoughts were interesting. I don't know much about Ron Paul, but it is indeed true that Congress members don't really seem to view things through the 'lens of the Constitution' any more...