Thursday, February 08, 2007

And Each Line Will Say "Mickey Mouse"

Last year we started using the dynamic (and somewhat faulty, by many accounts) touch screen voting machines in Allegheny County. The new Congress is proposing "legislation that would make obsolete many touch-screen voting machines, including those in use across Pennsylvania".

Great. I found a wonderful new toy to play with, and the big kids want to take it away from me. If our new machines do get replaced, I just hope it's with something that allows easy write-ins like the touch screens.

The printed "receipt" is a good idea, in case I get antsy when the election returns are coming in and start to wonder whether I voted for the right candidate. Or if the machine allowed me to vote for my preferred candidate.

The downside of having a printed receipt is that I usually vote in the morning before I go to work. If my voting record falls out of my pocket, and my co-workers see it, they will probably beat me to death.

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jipzeecab said...

Yeah..It's going to cost a lot to make the switch. Of course the Dems are proposing this because of the "paper trail thing". Most of them don't know they still lost the count in Florida the way Al Gore wanted to total the vote.
On the other hand everyone's buddy Hugo Chavez is making the touch screen machines..