Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lord, What Tools These Mortals Be!

GOP Bloggers is hosting a straw poll of 2008 Republican presidential candidates. Let's clarify; they are hosting a straw poll of the establishment candidates. As I made my way down the list of names, I couldn't help noticing the glaring omission of one Ron Paul, congressman from the big state of Texas.

Neither did some of the commenters on the post where the poll appears.

What's the use of running a straw poll if you're going to leave out a declared candidate? It can't be because of Paul's anti-war stance; Chuck Hagel is in the poll. Is Ron Paul that frowned upon by the GOP establishment, that this not-affiliated-with-the-party blog chooses to ignore him in favor of people who might decide to run at some point?

Given the lack of options (i.e. that my first choice is unlisted), I went with Tom Tancredo. Since I live in Pennsylvania, the presidential primary is usually decided long before our May election day, so I vote for the candidate who is most likely to frighten moonbats to death. Tancredo comes closest to that this year.

He's no Ron Paul, though.

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