Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Am So Spoiled

I had to peek. For once, JUST ONCE, I had to peek. And I'm not bothered in the slightest.

To digress: Back in my college days, when Star Trek: The Next Generation was fresh and new, I avidly followed spoiler alerts on the TNG Usenet forum. It was cool knowing what was going to happen. One feels almost like a privileged insider after reading details of as-yet-unaired programs.

Back to my point: For the last four years, I have been avoiding spoiler information for the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. I've been comfortable taking each episode as it comes along. After hearing that all sorts of interesting things are going to happen in next week's season finale, I couldn't resist.

Not that I'm going to mention any of it here (why spoil it for others?), but if you want to know what happens, go check out Ain't It Cool News and highlight the invisible text. It's Earth shattering. (Or should I say "Caprica shattering"?)

The thing that I've been waiting for is the revelation of the final five Cylons. Or four of the final five. Or four who might be four of the final five. The spoiler was a bit ambiguous about it. Oh, and possibly the fifth.

Those AICN spoilers include some that were revealed in last weekend's show, including "Roslin admits she’s back to doing Kamala". If you do not know who Kamala is, click here to find out. If Roslin were "doing" Kamala, BSG would be too kinky for the SciFi Channel. I believe the spoiler meant "chamalla extract".

Roslin doing Kamala...that image is going to be seared into the back of my retina until next Sunday.

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