Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm A No-Go At Costco

There's a lovey-dovey puff piece in today's Trib about Mr. Costco himself, Jim Sinegal. Mr. Sinegal has done some wonderful things in running his business. Critics of WalMart often point to Costco as the anti-WalMart. Reading this article, you really do feel tempted to run out and buy your goods at Costco.

Here's my problem: No one, and no thing, can possibly as exceptionally wonderful as Jim Sinegal and Costco. The Trib article doesn't mention Mr. Sinegal's political activities. I'm not going to shop at a store run by someone who supports Democrats in a major league, big time way.

In other words, I know where Jim Sinegal's money goes, and he's not getting any of mine. WalMart's closer to where I live anyway.

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