Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So there's this chick. She's gorgeous, and you love the way she dresses like some kind of classical goddess. She's also larger than life -- literally. And exponentially.

Then, one day, she calls to say that she's coming over, and she's bringing some of her friends to meet you. They aren't what you expected. In fact, they're kind of repulsive. But you're so into her that you don't care what her friends are like. She steps over your picket fence, wanders onto your lawn, looks down at you and smiles. She's so tall that you can see right up her skirt. It's the hottest thing you've ever seen. She tilts her head back, wiggles her butt, and takes a ginormous crap right in the middle of the grass. Her strange friends follow suit, committing equally unspeakable acts of a scatological nature all around your neighborhood.

Weird? Sure. But I figure there has to be some kind of back story for the events in this commercial.

She quickly excuses herself and leaves, taking her misfit friends with her. You're left standing stunned and amazed, wondering what the hell just took place. That's exactly how you feel after seeing the ad.

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