Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nice Kitty? Yikes!

Imagine my horror when I saw that the Psychosis-Gazette posted an article on its web site this morning entitled "Zoo has hands-off policy with tigers". What the heck does that mean? It sounds like something that would have been in force all along, but the blurb implies that people may once have been able to walk over and pet the ferocious carnivores.

Clicking on the link to the article, it turns out that the hands-off policy applies to zookeepers, and the only tigers that they were allowed to hold and cuddle were baby tiger cubs. Those of us who visit the zoo still may not get anywhere near close enough to scratch Big Tony behind the ear. Good policy, that.

Of course, if you grew up anytime after 1960, you probably have a warped view of what a tiger is like.

Would you sit down at the breakfast table with a tiger? Not unless you want to be his breakfast.

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