Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Run Up The Poll And See If Anyone Salutes It

GOP Bloggers is running another straw poll, blog style, of the 2008 Republican presidential contenders.

Still no Ron Paul! In his absence, I picked Fred Thompson.


jipzeecab said...

I wonder if Fred T's sudden success in polls had the (?)Rev Dotson opining that Thompson wasn't a Christian which my understanding was he qualified to mean he didn't wear his beliefs on his sleeve...something these religious zealouts seem to expect candidates to do...

Nicko McDave said...

James Dobson is a major league asshole, big time. One of these days I ought to author a post about his attack on my livelihood in the late 1990s.

Fred Thompson's candidacy would present a dilemma for my wife. She has sworn that she will never vote for a Republican for president. Law & Order is her favorite TV show. I wonder if Thompson could convince her to swing her vote to the right, just once.