Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Utter Futility Of Being A Republican In Allegheny County

Crap in a hat.

There's almost no one to vote for in this year's Republican primary election. It's fun to write in a candidate's name when there's no on on your ballot to vote for, but not when most of the races have no one running. This is just shameful. Since I live in the suburbs, I don't care about there being no candidate in the Pittsburgh mayoral race. But for Pete's sake -- can't the party get anyone to step forward and run for County Executive? We had a Republican Exec just four years ago. Are these Republicans so afraid of (or even worse, in love with) Dan Onorato that they can't come up with even token opposition?

Looks like I'll have to come up with some friend/relative/co-worker to write in for County Executive. And for County Controller. And for County Treasurer. And for District Attorney. And for County Council (District 12).

There are candidates for Sheriff (like most row offices, the Republican is little more than a sacrificial lamb) and for County Council At Large. In fact, there are three Republicans running for the latter. What, none of the three wants to take a shot at Onorato?

Well, according to the Trib article, some kid who's a big shot in the county Republican party says that Dan Onorato is very popular and that the Republican Committee is in a "rebuilding period". Really? When was it last NOT in a "rebuilding period"? They really are scared. And not likely to make any advancement anytime soon.

It makes me wonder whether I ought to bother voting for anyone whose name is on the ballot. Those much-maligned electronic voting machines make writing in candidates very easy. I already decided months ago that I was going to write myself in for Council District 12 if the race was unopposed. (That's for anyone who might say, "Well why don't you run for office?")

Maybe I'll write in Admiral Richmond K. Turner for County Executive. In the absence of a Republican candidate, I'll take a deceased former naval person over any Democrat.


Mark Rauterkus said...

You could vote for a Libertarian.

I'm running. Mark Rauterkus.

Furthermore, if you'd like to run for office -- or as I say, "STAND for public office" -- I'd love to talk. We're looking for "running mates."

Nicko McDave said...

Yes, I could vote for you in two of your six races this year. I'm not used to the third party option in most local races.

Libertarian candidates (capital L or small l) are definitely worth consideration. I'm leaning towards Ron Paul in 2008, as it happens.

Don't expect me to seriously run for office myself, though. I'd be satisfied with a single write-in vote -- by me, of me, for me.