Monday, April 23, 2007

Candidates At Large

I've only posted a couple of times this month, before now, because...I dunno. Maybe I lost the fire last year after Election Day. Maybe I get tired of ranting about the bunch of idiots who write for the local paper week after week. Maybe I've readjusted my priorities in the wake of my recent hospital stay.

Or maybe the local politics just sucks. Yeah, that must be it.

A month ago, I was interested in learning about the three candidates for Allegheny County Council Member-At-Large, Republican edition. Since then, one of the candidates dropped out of the race and endorsed one of his former prospective opponents, who is on the verge of dropping out due to stupidly weird (or weirdly stupid) ethical issues. I'm not sure if I like having this choice taken away from me. This would have been the only race where I would have to exercise my brain and figure out which button to press. Now I'll just be going through the motions.

It would have been an interesting primary. The two top candidates have some issues with one another, and got into a nice verbal scuffle when I heard them speak in person at 9 AM on March 17. What better way to start off Saint Patrick's Day than to watch a fistfight between two Irish Catholics during breakfast? The exchange took place in a hotel, so we could have ordered in a few bottles of whiskey to get the two gentlemen liquored up before setting them on one another. As a grandson and great-grandson of Irish drunks (Protestant edition), I've heard enough stories to know how what a momentous event this could have been.

Alas, one guy had to leave early to march in a parade. And with the other guy's imminent departure from the race, there won't even be a rhetorical battle to look forward to. That SUCKS. I'm so disgusted by the whole thing that I might just forgo the remaining candidate and write someone in.

For those Allegheny Republicans who can't get their act together, I but one word:


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Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the recap and posting.

Sure, if you want to make a write in, I'll be smiling with my 'irish eyes.'