Thursday, April 12, 2007

Health Care

Hello there!

No, I haven't posted since sometime late last month. No, I'm not dead. Yes, I was "sick", though I didn't know about it until a random blood pressure check landed me in the hospital for a week. I won't say how how the pressure was, but the initial readings astounded everyone who saw them or were told about them. I've discovered an entirely new way of making people's eyes bulge and jaws drop that doesn't involve me removing even a single stitch of clothing.

Fortunately, my professional position is a classic example of a "crappy pay with great benefits" job, so I didn't mind being in hospital for so long. It was a nice vacation, too, if you don't mind being scanned by machines and stabbed with needles in the bargain. In a way, I feel like I rediscovered popular culture.

About a year ago, I cut my home cable TV package from Standard to Basic. I saved a bunch of money each month by doing so, but on the downside I had to get used to not being able to watch anything between channels 24 and 100. The hospital gets the channels up to around 46. That's 22 channels that I don't get at home. It was like a telly adventureland.

For the first time in ages, I watched Fox News. I hadn't realized how much I missed it, but when certain fringe elements of the political culture can influence mainstream politicians to make decisions based on the premise that "Fox News is evil", then I can't help but love Fox News. It was especially nice seeing the ladies. Jane Skinner is still one of the most beautiful women in the history of TV news, and every time I see E. D. Hill, I gain a new appreciation for her. When she worked here in Pittsburgh using her maiden name, Edye Tarbox, I really didn't find her attractive at all. (I blame her old extra-hairspray, stand-up-loud-and-proud 1980s hairdo for that.) She's gotten better looking over the years. The woman ages backwards, and I for one am grateful. It's almost enough to make me switch back to the more expensive package.

I also watched some Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games. I haven't followed baseball in years. I got tired of the "labor" strikes, the millionaire ballplayers, the drugs...basically all of the things that took the fun out of baseball. At heart, however, it is still a game, and a fun one at that. Naturally, the games were broadcast on a cable channel that I don't get at home. Dammit!

There were also an inordinate number of Steve Martin movies, as well as Lindsay Lohan movies, being broadcast that week. And they were all fun to watch.

You're probably beginning to suspect that I was having so much fun in the hospital that I might have wanted to stay. In a way, I did want to. But I'm quite content to wait until I'm an old man to do it again. More on my good time later.

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Richmond K. Turner said...

Hope you are feeling better, mate!