Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ed Rendell Says Something Stupid

When politicians or the media don't like the way things are going with regards to a particular issue, they have no trouble pointing the finger at a bogeyman as the source of of their discomfort. In the case of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, the National Rifle Association is the bogeyman of the gun control issue. This is actually pretty common among those who would restrict legal firearms ownership to licensed agents of the government. These types would have us believe that no one would have a problem with gun control if the NRA didn't exist to brainwash us with propaganda of death, or something like that.

Legal gun ownership is decades older than the NRA, and is of course embedded in the federal constitution, as well as the constitution of our commonwealth. The NRA is the loudest voice on the side of those who safely and legally exercise their constitutional rights, but there are plenty of other groups supporting RKBA. Besides that, there are plenty of gun owners and others who can make up their minds to support RKBA without some organization telling them what to think, thank you very much.

As we read in the above-linked Trib article by Brad Bumsted, plenty of legislators from both parties were willing to step up and smack down the groundless allegation that the governor made before a group of Pennsylvania mayors (a.k.a. flock of sheep). If John Street is so concerned about gun violence in Philly, he needs to do something about it without infringing on the constitutional rights of millions of others across the commonwealth.

"Pennsyltucky" seriously needs to consider seceding from any kind of union that includes Philadelphia (and Pittsburgh too if I didn't live here). Give Philly to New Jersey. It has more in common with NJ than it does with the rest of PA. And good riddance, too.

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