Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Having Fun Is Never A Waste Of Time

In case anyone missed it, there was a primary election here in Pennsylvania today. You'd think that I might be tempted to stay away on account of the lack of anyone running in most races. But you would be wrong. I exercised my right to write in as many candidates as I was permitted by law -- and I had fun doing it, too.

Three Republican candidates ran for two state Supreme Court nominations. I voted for the two party endorsed candidates because I had never heard anything about the guy from Philadelphia, except that he's from Philadelphia, which is as good a disqualifier as anything else that I can think of.

Pennsylvania Superior Court was also a two-out-of-three falls championship match. I voted for the two ladies because I have had the pleasure of hearing them speak in person and was impressed by what they had to say. I especially like Judge Cheryl Allen, a former Democrat who switched to Republican because she shares the latter party's values. That was a bold move at a time when a lot of Republican rats are abandoning a sinking Republican ship. A couple of months ago I listened to her give a talk and Q&A in an informal setting where one attendee asked her a really stupid patronizing question. He wanted to know what she proposed to do about black-on-black crime in the black community. He might as well have asked, "Hey lady, you're BLACK, so I'll ask you a BLACK question. Why are BLACK people so BLACK?" She's a judge, she explained. By the time the accused get to her, they're already on trial. It's too late to prevent anything -- that's more of a role for community leaders. She was very tactful, treating the questioner with respect instead of reacting with righteous indignation, which would have been justified in the event. I was happy to cast my vote for Judge Allen.

There was only one Republican running for Common Pleas Court, Joe Weinroth. I voted for him, but bypassed the opportunity to write-in three more non-Democrat candidate names. I didn't want to miss my nap time. (Speaking of things to do in bed, I almost voted for one of the Dem candidates because she's just a couple of years older than me and looks pretty hot in her photo, but decided against it because "sexy smile" is no reason to put someone in a judge's robe, even if she's not wearing anything underneath it, which would be kind of kinky.)

County Executive race was a joke, but my vote was not. This weekend, Councilman Matt Drozd -- whom I have heard speak on several occasions and is a very smart, impressive man -- encouraged Republican voters to cast a write-in for his young son and namesake, who doesn't even want the office but will act as "placeholder" for anyone else who would want to step in and take his place. Naturally, I wrote in Mark Rauterkus. Of the many races in which he has thrown his hat in this year's ring, County Executive was the only one in my jurisdiction. I hope enough Republicans voted for him to earn him the nomination. He could teach them a few things about standing for office.

County Controller -- I wrote in my oldest child, who was puzzled as to why she saw her name come up on the electronic screen.

District Attorney -- I voted for my oldest son.

Treasurer -- I voted for my second son.

Sheriff -- Hey, we actually had a guy running! I voted for Ed Kress.

County Council At Large -- Unlike the Sheriff's race, Kevin Acklin is a shoo-in, assuming most Republicans don't press Chuck McCullough's button just for the hell of it. I like people to have at least some competition to keep them working, so I wrote in Richmond K. Turner, deceased former naval person. Unfortunately he's moving to SE Pennsylvania this summer, so in the fall perhaps I will vote for another blogger, perhaps Tunesmith N. Anthony. Heh.

County Council District 12 -- There is a contested Democratic race between a recent appointee incumbent, and the endorsed Democrat. My side has no one, so I voted for me. And I will vote for me again in November.

Local School Board -- My wife hates the public school system, so naturally I wrote her in. She's a Democrat, but there weren't any Republicans running anyway. I also voted for my little daughter because I had already voted for her older siblings. Didn't want her to feel left out.

Local Borough Council -- Three good Republican community activists for three nominations to four-year terms. Too bad they live in a shitty little Democrat burro. (Yeah, I said "burro", as in "Jackass Party". Wanna make something of it?) For a two-year council seat I wrote in my baby son. There was a Republican write-in candidate but I had forgotten his name, and really didn't care.

The statewide school tax referendum was tough, and I will very likely end up regretting my choice. I hope not, though. I chose the penalty for having a job (local income tax) over the penalty for having my own home (local property tax), mainly because I'm a low-income guy who watches his mortgage payments go up every year due to the huge annual increases in local property tax. Our district has one of the highest millages in the commonwealth. I might have voted differently if I were a rich man, but this will be easier on me if it passes.

Cripes. All of those races, and there was only one that I could take seriously. RCAC, please do better next time or I may start writing in swear words instead of candidates' names.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the insights and the vote.

Time will tell about those write-ins. Until then, trust me -- I'll be having fun too.