Monday, May 21, 2007

The Right Way To Enjoy A Chocolate Fountain

The first time I saw pictures of chocolate fountains, I was awed. There was something a little too civilized about it. Surely we are meant to hold a cup underneath the cascading falls of cocoa liquid and drink what falls therein. But no. It's all about poking things with a stick, getting a little bit of chocolate on them, and nibbling them with dainty little bites.
I experienced a chocolate fountain at Easter 2006 when a relative treated my family to a fancy brunch at a nearby hotel. I could have skipped the rest of the breakfast and just hung out by the fountain all day. But I didn't. It was too civilized a setting for me to really enjoy it the way I would have liked.
Fast forward to today. I have discovered a short film that is a true marvel that exposes the inner workings of the human mind when affected by the presence of chocolate. This is what we ALL want to do. Admit it.
That man is something of a minor culture hero in my book. Everyone wants to do it, but only he had the balls to dive right in. Yes, I would have done exactly as he did, except that I would have peeled the banana first.

Next time I see a chocolate fountain, I am just going to go nuts with it like the man in the movie. He lights the path to chocolatey righteousness.

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