Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So Allegheny County Republicans DO Have A Sense Of Humor

The ordinary voters, anyway, not the party establishment. This morning's news does make me laugh.

I am glad, very glad, that I chose to vote for Admiral Turner yesterday instead of either of the two guys running for the County Council-At-Large seat. The youngster who thought he had his nice County Council seat all wrapped up lost the race and conceded to the man who withdrew his candidacy too late to be removed from the ballot:

An Upper St. Clair attorney at the center of a criminal probe into management of an elderly widow's trust fund won the primary race for the Republican Party's Allegheny County Council at-large seat, even though he said he was withdrawing, final election results showed.

Charles McCullough, 52, captured 57 percent of the vote while political newcomer Kevin Acklin, 30, of Squirrel Hill, got 43 percent of the vote, with 100 percent of all districts reporting.

McCullough, a former county solicitor, dropped out of the hotly contested primary for the at-large seat last month, though his name still appeared on ballots because he missed a withdrawal deadline.

Election officials said yesterday McCullough still can choose to accept or decline the party's endorsement. If he declines it, no candidate would appear on the party ballot this November and those choosing to run would need to lead write-in campaigns.

I have had problems deciding whether I wanted to vote for either Acklin or McCullough after witnessing their verbal dust up a couple of months ago. After Chuck McCullough's ethical issues came to light, I could not in good conscience vote for him. I didn't want to vote for Acklin either because I don't like it when politicians get a free ride into office. Man, was I wrong about that one. (Also, I don't like his dimples. He looks like someone painted an Easter Egg with the features of disgraced former Sheriff Pete DeFazio. Very creepy, unless you're an editorial cartoonist, in which case it's a gold mine.)

So...who is my party's candidate for the general election this year? Is it going to be Chuck McCullough after all? Or will he step aside (again) in favor of Kevin Acklin? Or will someone else's name go in the coveted slot? Right now, anything goes.

If I don't like whoever ends up running, I promise you I WILL write in "Tunesmith N. Anthony". I guarantee it -- so come up with someone good.

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Anthony said...

If elected, we shall serve proudly.