Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Steelers Coach Gets Penalized

Remember the good old days when athletes were considered positive role models? Not anymore, as Inspector Clouseau would say.

The Steelers confirmed yesterday that one of their employees sent an "inappropriate e-mail" message from the club office to "unintended recipients" last week, violating club and NFL policy., an online blog written by Mike Florio, first reported that Steelers line coach Larry Zierlein inadvertently forwarded an e-mail he received from Doug Whaley, the Steelers' pro personnel coordinator, to multiple high-level team employees and their secretaries throughout the NFL, including commissioner Roger Goodell.

Whaley, according to Florio, received the pornographic video from someone outside the Steelers' organization and forwarded it to others, including Zierlein, who then sent it along to more e-mail addresses than he apparently intended Friday.

Ah, who am I kidding? Kids must do stuff like this all of the time anyway. It's the coach who's following the lead of America's youth, not the other way around. It's a different world we live in.

The media won't tell us anything about the nature of the video other than that it is "pornographic", but somehow I suspect that it's not as bad as they make it sound. In fact, this story will blow over in a couple of days. The Steelers need to take a lesson from the Minnesota Vikings of two years ago, who really knew how to have a sex scandal. The Vikes, or Viqueens as they are sometimes known, were custom made for that sort of thing, seeing as how they were already called the Purple-Helmeted Warriors by many in the know.

The Steelers need some sort of similar appellation. How about "the Big Black Dild..." No, I'll let you figure it out. But BBD thing would make a good chant in a place like Cleveland.

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