Monday, June 25, 2007

Communist Propaganda

The Pittsburgh Psychosis-Gazette ran a rather bland editorial bitching about how long it takes to get passports. This one sentence caught my eye:

The primary function of the United States government is and always has been to provide services to the public.
Whoa! These editorial writers were obviously brought up on the opposite side of the Iron Curtain from where I grew up. The U.S. government is basically responsible for providing liberty to its citizens, and generally staying the hell out of our business. It has only become a provider of services over the years because of the influence of left wing assholes like the sort who write for the PG. I remember writing to my district's Congressman when I was a kid (at the behest of a school teacher who was trying to educate us about civics and government) and getting back free booklets about the flag, the Constitution, and the structure of government. That was cool! Just write a letter and get free books with colorful illustrations!

As I grew older and matured in my way of thinking, I learned that those cool books were not free. They cost me nothing more than a stamp, sheet of paper, and envelope -- but someone, somewhere, had to pay for them. Call this person "The American Taxpayer".

Others grew up looking at the government as a great bounty. These are the people who want the government to provide them with social services, health care, breakfast, you name it. They want the government to do it all, because it would be "free". They are the kind of people who are eroding our freedoms in this country.

Perhaps the Psychosis-Gazette editors would like the government to provide everyone with a free copy of the newspaper.

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jipzeecab said...

What these fools should be learning from the "passport" (there goes my vacation to Ireland)crisis is that government bureaucracies stand ready to muck up anything they touch. Imagine the "waits" that will occur if God forbid they ever get total control over something like health care.