Thursday, June 21, 2007

PittGirl Paranoia

The other day, I had to leave work early and went into downtown Pittsburgh to catch a bus home. I rarely go downtown anymore; my recent visits have consisted of getting off of one bus, crossing the street, and waiting to board another. As I wait patiently, I get to see a lot of people walking by. Some of them are downright scary. A visitor would think that Pittsburgh is a city of smelly cigarette-smoking semi-human mutations. Occasionally an attractive woman walks by, which makes a nice change from the open zoo atmosphere of the city streets.

Waiting for a bus on Smithfield Street is a lot like spending a night in jail (so I've been told): You have a lot of time to think. When you read blogs, you think a lot about blogs. In downtown Pittsburgh, you think a lot about downtown-based Burghosphere blogs. When the rare attractive woman passed by, my train of thought went something like this:

  • PittGirl from The Burgh Blog claims to work downtown.
  • PittGirl claims to be "hot".
  • PittGirl has used her cell phone to snap pictures of random street scenes and post them on her blog.
  • That hot chick who just walked by while looking into her cell phone but not speaking into it could be PittGirl!
  • "PittGirl" could be stealthily snapping a picture of me picking my nose or something equally socially awkward. I'll drop by The Burgh Blog and see myself above a line of text that says, "That hot chick taking pictures of street people picking their noses? Totally not me."

No wonder some media elitists want to expose and regulate anonymous bloggers. We make one another paranoid! Just imagine how everyone else feels about us.

I must admit, though, that I was beginning to feel an irresistible urge to stop every hot chick with a cell phone and yell, "PittGirl! Take my picture!" To paraphrase Dr. Johnny Fever: It When PittGirl's taking your picture, paranoia is just good thinking.

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