Friday, August 31, 2007

GOP Bloggers Can Shove Their Straw Poll Up Their Collective Ass

You know, Ron Paul is not perfect. Don't expect me to go nuts like many of his internet supporters and harass anyone who dares criticize him. He's not that important. I do like him as a politician, though, and that's not something I am wont to say about most political creatures. I wish there were more like him in Congress. There would be more deliberation, more debate, more discussion about what's best for the country within the bounds of the Constitution, instead of the customary "will this help me get re-elected?" nonsense that defines government these days.

Do I want him for my President? I'm not sure. If he's on the ballot come next Spring, I'll vote for him, but Pennsylvania has such a late primary that the Republican nomination is always decided by the time Election Day rolls around in May. My presidential primary vote is just for kicks. Why else would I have voted for Gary Bauer in 2000?

Anyway, it's too early for me to make a firm decision right now. I could change my mind half a dozen times between now and next Spring.

One thing that's clear about Ron Paul right now is that he is a declared candidate for the Republican nomination. He participates in the debates, he has a solid base of support around the country, and he even receives a modest amount of news coverage. But you wouldn't know that if you attempted to take the latest 2008 GOP Primary Straw Poll at GOP Bloggers.

I'm not going to bother posting the poll here. I passed the first time I became aware of it back in February. It was obvious to me then what a bunch of tools GOP Bloggers is, and it's even more obvious now. I decided to put the poll on my site in March, and again in April, even though Ron Paul still wasn't included. The tools finally gave in and allowed us the privilege of selecting (or ignoring) Ron Paul as we saw fit when they re-ran the poll in May.

Now, here it is, three months later, and the tools have decided to drop Ron Paul from their worthless straw poll because of some internet shenanigans perpetrated by some of Dr. Paul's more zealous supporters. Fine. That's their prerogative. It's not important. They even acknowledge that theirs is not a scientific poll. But look -- if you're going to run a poll of presidential candidates, then offer the names of those who have declared and are actually in the running. Not everyone who supports, or leans, Ron Paul is a troll or a spammer.

This is why I rarely blog politics anymore. It's difficult to take my own side seriously when this sort of thing goes on.

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