Friday, August 31, 2007

So Very Synchronous

My two posts from this morning were about the 2008 presidential race, and a band that features Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Now supposing, just supposing, you could take those two posts, melt them in a saucepan, mix them together, then reconstitute the mixture and put it on the internet. What would you have?

You might have something that looks a lot like this site. Yep, it looks like he's running again!

Imagine if he were to get elected. In just over twenty years, we will have gone from a shining city on a hill to the man on the silver mountain. Ronnie, can you spell it all out for us?

What is he trying to tell us in this song?

I'm a wheel, I'm a wheel
I can roll, I can feel
And you can't stop me turning

He's willing to change his mind on critical issues as he sees fit, even if it goes against sentiment reflected in the opinion polls.

Cause I'm the sun, I'm the sun

He advocates alternative energy sources, such as solar power.

I can move, I can run
But you'll never stop me burning

He encourages physical fitness by exercising, including jogging, which burns off body fat.

Come down with fire retaliation, in the event of any further terrorist attacks on America.

Lift my spirit higher

All Dio supporters should have a cheerful attitude about things, and that makes him happy!

Someone's screaming my name

He's aware that there will always be criticism of his policies, no matter what, but he will continue to support everyone's right to free speech.

Come and make me holy again

...because the religious vote should not be taken for granted on either side.

I'm the man on the silver mountain

The USA will enjoy a surplus under Dio (literally under him).

I'm the man on the silver mountain

Because he would rather raise America on a mountain of silver than impale it on a cross of gold.

I'm the day, I'm the day
I can show you the way

He'll give frequent daytime press conferences and speeches -- sorry if they preempt your game shows and soap operas.

And look, I'm right beside you

Because, as president, Dio will stand for ALL Americans, and not just those who voted for him.

I'm the night, I'm the night
I'm the dark and the light

Dio will take a more active role than any Commander-In-Chief in our nation's history. He'll be the Special Ops president, his infra-red goggles always at the ready!

With eyes that see inside you

Though he may use more high-tech methods for Airport Security. Would you rather be x-rayed or strip searched?

And so on. Fred Thompson ought to declare soon. If he doesn't, Dio is going to steal away his base.

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