Friday, September 21, 2007

The 2008 Election Campaign Smells Fishy Already

Here's a story from last weekend that I missed about goings-on in my Congressional district:

Dan Wholey, an owner of the Strip District seafood emporium, has announced his candidacy for the congressional seat held by Upper St. Clair Republican Tim Murphy.

Mr. Wholey, 48, also of Upper St. Clair, is seeking the Democratic nomination for the sprawling 18th Congressional District, which has been described as looking like a "sloppily tied bow tie, with Pittsburgh's southern suburbs where the knot would be." Starting from the Ohio border in Washington County in the west, the district takes in a small piece of Beaver County, then swoops under the city of Pittsburgh before taking in much of Westmoreland County in the east.

The guy who runs Wholey's is a commie and wants to run for Congress? I ain't eatin' his fish no more.
Mr. Murphy is now in his third term. Mr. Wholey joins Brien Wall, also of Upper St. Clair, and Beth Hafer, daughter of former state auditor general Barbara Hafer, as candidates for the Democratic nomination.
Brien who? Is he the candidate? Or is that one of the other two? I heard Tim give a talk in my neighborhood a couple of weeks ago and he devoted quite a bit of time to explaining the smear campaign that has been conducting against him, and how none of this makes the news because exposing the activities of such an organization does not fit in with the local media's goals of establishing and maintaining the power of the Democrat Party in the region. Heck, all three are probably getting money from George Soros for this run.
"I'm running because the people of southwest Pennsylvania deserve better representation,'' Mr. Wholey said.
Now we need better seafood. His product has been tainted with the stain of left-wing politics.
"Big Oil'' and large pharmaceutical companies have too much influence in Washington, he said.
Down with Big Oil! Up with Big Fish!
"Why does Medicare and Medicaid have to pay top dollar for prescriptions'' when the "same medication in the same bottle from the same factory'' can be purchased for less in Canada, he asked.
Because government has buggered its way into the health care system that, while we do not have a socialist system, we've eliminated the free market aspects of it. Don't expect a Congressman Wholey to do anything less than to continue tampering with health care and making it even worse.
He is anti-abortion, but believes that top issues in this campaign will be immigration and the war in Iraq. Our borders need to be more secure, he said, but "legal immigration creates diversity and success stories.''
Okay, so he's right on abortion and immigration. But what about the Iraq issue?
He advocates a "much larger withdrawal" of troops from Iraq in the next few months than President Bush has proposed, but did not specify a number.
Terrorists love it when an American Democrat politician smiles and waves at them across the seas and oceans. At least he's not offering specifics...yet.
He has never held political office, but said he is not afraid to knock on doors. As a teenager, he delivered fish door-to-door in Mt. Lebanon.
I think I have a package of Wholey fish in my basement freezer that I haven't touched in about four years. I may just let it thaw a little, then bring it to the door if he drops by, smack him on the cheek with it, and declare, "Your fish stinks and so do you!" He's probably used to it, though, it so it wouldn't have much impact.

I am very glad that my grocer carries other brands of fish to choose from.


Gerrit said...

Your attacks seem pretty baseless.

1. Why is Wholey a 'commie?

2. You established no link, much less a causal link, between cheap Canadian drugs and (democrats?) tampering with 'healthcare.'

3. If you want to know if George Soros gave them money, you can look it up on the FEC Website. By law, all donations must be reported.

4. Moveon does not endorse candidates. Moveon is a 527 group which means that they, by law, cannot endorse any politician who is up for election. They can only discuss issues and persons in so far as it does not have to do with elections. So the assertion that Brien Wall or any of the others are 'Moveon candidates' simply can never be true.


If you want, you can look up how everybody's been fundraising sofar at the FEC website that I linked above. This quarter's filing is September 30th, so you and everybody else will be able to see who has how much money so far in their campaign coffers.

jipzeecab said...
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jipzeecab said...

Wholey's has been sold to a corporation from Michigan.
Boredom has launched another politician.

Nicko McDave said...

Sometimes you toss out a worm, and you catch a Gerritfish.

If Wholey's has been sold, does that mean the end of another "Pittsburgh institution"? I noticed that there isn't as much Wholey fish in my local supermarket as there once was. It's nice to have a choice.