Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Giuliani Man Can Cause He Mixes It With Love

Rudy Giuliani visited Sarris Candies in Canonsburg yesterday. This is kind of cool. Sarris makes the best chocolate in this region. My family's Christmas stockings and Easter baskets are full of Sarris chocolate balls, bunnies, Santas, and whatever other milk chocolate shape appeals to the recipient of this chocolatey delight. It just wouldn't be a holiday without Sarris milk chocolate. My first memory of visiting Sarris -- heck, my ONLY memory of visiting Sarris -- goes back to when I was a child. I was either with a group of Cub Scouts or with other kids from the neighborhood, and I remember being fascinated with what I saw. More chocolate in one place than I could ever have imagined! I have not been back since, and it's probably a good thing. I'd have to sell my children into slavery just to be able to afford all of the chocolate I'd be buying. Or they might sell me so they could buy all the chocolate. We have to satisfy ourselves with taking our pick of what ends up on the Sarris display at the local supermarket. Wait --

Oh yes, Giuliani. I had meant to talk about Giuliani. Well, visiting a well- known and well-loved establishment like Sarris is a smart move on the part of Team Giuliani. Someone on his crew really did their homework with this. An undecided voter who loves chocolate can be easily swayed by something as simple as Rudy's visit to Sarris. As of yesterday, "I love chocolate" may well translate into "I love Giuliani!" Giuliani's insistence on paying rather than accepting the proprietor's offer of candy as a gift was good, too. I don't doubt that it was sincere rather than politically motivated. It was nice of the proprietor, but this isn't the United Kingdom and Rudy's not the king. He has to pay just like everyone else. I respect that.

Getting a little deeper into the politics aspect of the Psychosis-Gazette article linked at the beginning of this post, Giuliani claimed that he has a better chance of winning Pennsylvania than any other Republican candidate. This, I regret to say, may be true. This is a state where Arlen Freakin' Specter defeated a solid conservative Republican in the 2004 primary election, then went on to decisively win re-election to the US Senate in spite of a viable conservative third-party candidate on the ballot. (The less said about Rick Santorum's defeat at the hands of that Casey dweeb, the better.) A moderate-to-liberal Republican like Giuliani does stand a good chance of taking Pennsylvania in 2008. We'll see.

Meanwhile, take a look at the photo accompanying the article on the PG Now web site. First, hubba hubba! Talk about a sweet piece of candy! It'd be worth visiting the shop to see if she looks a good in person as she does in the picture. Second, notice her body language and facial expression. Either she doesn't like Giuliani to begin with, or she's getting impatient waiting for him to make a selection, or he's doing something else to really irritate her. My guess is that it's the latter, and here's why:

Having worked in retail for 10.5 years, I spent a good bit of time behind the cash register. I had to be vigilant about protecting the money that was entrusted to me for a 2 hour shift. Because of this, I would get a little annoyed when people touched my cash register in a familiar manner. Rather than asking to borrow a stapler or a pen, or whatever was on or near the front end of the register, some people would just reach around and grab what they wanted. This was cheesy, and potentially sleazy. By reaching around to the front of the register, they could accidentally bump the keyboard and throw the whole transaction into tilt mode, to put it in pinball terms. and, instead of being a couple of feet away from an open cash drawer, they got their fingers just a couple of inches from the open cash drawer. At that range, they might as well have just dipped in and pulled out a few ten dollar bills. As a guardian of my employer's monetary holdings, I felt personally threatened by that sort of behavior.

Back to the photo, look what Rudy is doing. He's using the cash register as a leaning post. Why would anyone who knows the purpose and function of a cash register lean on it like that? Those machines are not indestructible. In fact, they have become less durable over the years. Leaning on a cash register the Giuliani way can break it. One little *crack*, and that lady is going to be handwriting receipts all day. Anyone who has worked as a cashier should be able to sympathize.

With one photo op, Rudy Giuliani is gaining the chocolate lovers' vote at the expense of the retail cashiers' vote, and I don't believe it is worth it.

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jipzeecab said...

I agree with you about him being all over the cash register and especially the printer. It reminds me of when grandma is pointing her fingernails into whatever surface material is on my computer's LCD screen.
That said, barring a similar visit by the eventual Dem nominee, if Rudy wins the nomination everyone including your eye candy whom he met is going to vote for him even if they are life long democrats. (in fact someone in the campaign is already arranging for her to have a "Rudy signed" copy of that picture if the campaign operates they way they usually do)