Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When The Heart Rules The Vocal Chords

If you've been reading this blog for at least a month, then you know I greatly admire Ronnie James Dio's musical talents.

And if you've been reading this for eighteen months, you know that I have little regard for the no-talent dirtbag known as Pink.

It was disappointing, though not really surprising, to read this in a recently published interview:

The first song you wrote with Black Sabbath was "Children of the Sea," which deals with ecological awareness. Do you ever interject any commentary about current environmental issues when introducing that song live?

It's not my job to be a politician, to chastise the audience or the world. My job is to be a singer and a performer. There are times that you write something that means something to you, that has a political agenda that you need to cleanse your soul with. And when I wrote that song [in 1980], I thought I could make a difference: If you're important enough for them to buy your product, you're probably important enough for them to listen to and respect. I learned after doing "Children of the Sea" that nobody gave a damn, so I stopped doing that. I think that Pink song "Dear Mr. President" is one of the coolest things I've ever heard, absolutely brilliant, but I'm not in the game of making those kinds of statements. I'll leave that to Pink, and maybe Tim Robbins, if he put out an album.

Good thing he knows his audience. There are a lot more right-leaning, conservative types who listen to his kind of music than you might expect. We can ignore the politics of our favorite performers as long as they don't go on harping about it. We recognize talent when we hear it.

What's disappointing is Ronnie's admiration for the dumbest song of all time, performed by the dumbest singer of all time. It's fine if he likes music from genres outside of hard rock/heavy metal; everyone should sample a variety of styles. You won't suddenly stop being a metal head if you listen to a little bit of disco or country. But to call Pink's aural excrement "brilliant" and cool is beyond the pale.

The short guy needs his ears flushed, or something. Still -- as long as he keeps pumping out the devil music, I'll keep buying his stuff. I just won't take any of his recommendations!

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