Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Royal Non-Sequitur

The British press has been abuzz lately over a blackmail scandal involving a member of the royal family who (allegedly) does drugs. Oh, and he also (allegedly) does guys, too. Somehow this is supposed to make the Queen look bad -- at least that's the impression one gets from perusing the UK media. Said media, by the way, is unable to identify the target of the blackmail for legal reasons.

The rest of the world is not under the same restrictions. So now we know who the royal is. The whole drugs and sex aspect of the blackmail attempt wouldn't be that big of a deal if the Viscount did not already have a Viscountess and two little Viscountlings. Just take a look at some of the family photos at this site. They look mighty happy in all of the pictures. The kids are cute, of course, and the Viscountess is a beautiful woman.

Why in God's name would a man married to her even think about seeking physical stimulation from other quarters? It does not compute. Perhaps you could chalk it up to royal privilege, but if such privileges existed, why bother setting yourself up for blackmail, or even getting married in the first place?

I'd offer to console the Viscountess myself, but unfortunately for her I'm already married.


jipzeecab said...

I always thought these things were true of all of them and don't they speak only French on Fridays..?..

Nicko McDave said...

It is a tradition, in some ways. Go back the the early 14th century and King Edward II. In his day, English kings spoke French every day of the week, and he preferred the company of single men to that of his wife (who was a French princess, by the way).

The disloyal opposition killed King Edward by ramming a hot poker up his ass. Much more effective than blackmail, but largely frowned upon in the present era.