Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Not Too Late To Change My Mind

My loyal readers know from my posts over the last couple of months that I am a lukewarm Ron Paul supporter in the upcoming Republican presidential primary. That may change, however.

Can I call myself a Ric Flair Republican? I just may be that.


Alex Merced said...

before you jump on the Huckabee bandwagon, read this

Alex Merced said...

More to Consider:

- Kane and Val Venis endorse Ron Paul

- Huckabee wants to replace the IRS with a fairtax,and 26% sales tax, Ron Paul just wants to replace the IRS with NOTHING

just read my blog

Nicko McDave said...

Don't worry; this post was all in good fun. I'm not shallow enough to change my mind on which candidate I support based solely on a celebrity endorsement. I just think it's cool to see someone like Ric Flair when he's not "at work".

I'm not surprised to hear that Val Venis supports Ron Paul. He's been a strong libertarian for years.

I read that Rolling Stone article last week. It gave some interesting insights into Huckabee's character, but I didn't agree with the author's conclusions. Most of what he regards as negatives I saw as either positives or neutral. I'm a little concerned about his taxation policies, but if anyone besides Ron Paul gets in, we'll have to deal with taxes one way or another.

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