Wednesday, January 30, 2008

President McCain

Now that Colonel Tigh has emerged victorious in the Florida Republican Presidential Primary, I reckon that I should start taking him seriously. Up to now, I have been confused about which candidates I should take seriously. All I keep hearing about the 4-5 tops guys is how this guy is wrong on that issue, and that guy is wrong on this issue, and this other fellow is more of a Democrat than Hillary, ad nauseum. No wonder I don't post so much anymore. It's very sickening.

My primary is still almost three months away, which is plenty of time for McCain to run away from it, or for Romney to steal it from him. Realistically, those are the two top choices at this point. If I can't make up my mind before then, I will go ahead and go with Ron Paul as I had previously announced. If the race has been decided before April 22, I will vote for Ron Paul just for the heck of it. You know what would be cool about voting for Ron Paul? My polling place is in a church; the very same church, in fact, where Ron Paul was married back in 1957. How cool is that? How many times does a guy run for President and you get to vote for him in the very building where he was married, born, baptized, or educated?

There you go, establishment bloggers! Since you guys like to point out that Ron Paul voters are a bunch of lunatics and idiots, what could be crazier or stupider than "I'm voting for him because he got married where I vote"?

As for the other candidates -- I'm not sure about Romney. He seems a little too well-groomed to NOT be some kind of phony. He has flipped and flopped on a number of issues, but lately he has been turning in the RIGHT direction. His religion is weird and flaky, but I don't have a problem with it. I have had more contact with Mormons that most of my peers, owing to the fact that I am an amateur genealogist. If not for the Mormons' odd practice of trying to "convert" everyone who has ever lived, I would never have been able to compile a massive family tree of over 25,000 names. (There's another one for the kook file: "I'm voting for Romney, because if it were not for his religion, I wouldn't have such a huge family tree.")

Fred Thompson would have been good. He was endorsed by the RIGHT kind of people, and few others had anything bad to say about him. Too bad he's out; he would have been my second choice.

Mike Huckabee...well, just go to Bogus Gold and read pretty much anything from the last few weeks and you will get a clear picture of the man.

Duncan Hunter was a good candidate, so was Tom Tancredo, but I couldn't see either of them getting very in the race from the very get-go. Alan Keyes should have been the nominee in 1996, not Bob Dole, but his time has long since passed. Sam Brownback, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson barely registered on my meter.

An interesting list of lesser known individuals who are running (God knows where) for the nomination appears in Wikipedia. The candidate with the most interesting name is "Jesus Muhammed of Dearborn, Michigan". His full name is Jesus Bilal Islam Allah Muhammed. I would vote for him if his full name were Jesus Mary Mother Of God Muhammed or Jesus H. Christ Almighty Muhammed, but alas, it is not so.

Rudy Giuliani is still in the race, too, unless he has announced otherwise in the last hour. I no longer consider him to be a viable candidate for President, but neither McCain nor Romney could go wrong by naming Rudy as a running mate. His positions on issues dear to social conservatives have cost him dearly in this race, but he is a generally solid Republican who would do well if he were elected.

What about McCain, this morning's front runner? Well, he has been hit by strong criticism of his voting record and his history of working too closely with Democrats on big issues. He would probably be the best man to prosecute the war on terror, given his personal background in wartime military service. I could get behind his candidacy, if only I could erase the image of Colonel Tigh from my mind's eye when I see McCain on TV.

On the other hand, voting for Colonel Tigh would be kind of cool...

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Sean G said...

LMAO! I never drew the connection until I read it here! He DOES look like Colonel Tigh from Battlestar. That may be the funniest thing I have read all day.