Wednesday, January 02, 2008

State Of My Consciousness

Political culture in America certainly is depressing right now, is it not? I have had little to say on this blog as of late because the presidential campaigns began far too soon, and my party's contestants excel at pointing out how much one another's positions on key issues make them sound too much like the other side's candidates.

So, basically, these fine gentlemen have convinced me to vote for "None of the Above" -- which, for some reason, is spelled "Ron Paul" on the ballot. I have talked about my modest support for Ron Paul before. I am not an activist. I'm not a "Paulbot" or a "Ron Paul minion". I'm just a guy who feels the need to express an occasional opinion, and there's not much motivating me to sound off at present.

In past election years, I voted for the Republican candidate most likely to scare the piss out of Democrats. This year, I'm voting for the Republican most likely to scare the piss out of other Republicans. It feels good already, and the primary is still over three months away.

It's on April 22nd. I think the Commonwealth moved it up. Didn't Pennsylvanians used to have to wait until late May to vote? In other words, after the nomination had been sewn up?

Once or twice in the past, I have mentioned how ineffectual the Allegheny County Republicans are at putting forth candidates in some heavily Democrat areas. The reasoning behind this, so I have heard, is not that the party wouldn't love to run someone in each race, but that it would be a waste of resources to invest time, money and effort in a campaign that is ultimately bound to fail. That's funny, because so many of those areas have a modest segment of the population that screams for a choice at the polls. The Republicans, in the long run, are not doing themselves any favors by deliberately neglecting potential supporters in untested areas.

A new blog called ALLEGHENY REPUBLICANS made a good point of this recently by listing some uncontested races from 2006. Blowing off 48% of the most important races in the county is not a way to build a majority. Republicans bow to the majesty of the Democrats in this region. Why?

That new blog, by the way, is not run by the establishment. The author identifies himself as a 24 year old who is fairly new to the area. He is the kind of guy the party needs to get things up and running again. He's not shy about pointing out what's wrong with Republican committees at both county and local levels. Have you seen the RCAC web site lately? Go there and learn a little about last year's judicial races! Very little, that is.

Should this year's Republican presidential primary be decided before April 22 (very likely, based on past experience) and Ron Paul drop out of the race (very unlikely, considering that he has a message to get out), I have another option available. I won't be voting for one of the establishment dorks -- at least, not until November when I won't have much choice. When I said above that I am not an activist, I lied -- just a little. I have made a contribution to another candidate, not financially, but as a volunteer. Given the lame choices that we have before us in this contest, don't you think we would be better off with fried strips of dead pig leading the country in the coming years?

I'd take bacon over any Democrat, any day.

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Gino said...

by not giving GOPers, or even GOP minded independents a choice even in 'doomed to fail' local races has the effect of these voters not voting at all, depressing turnout all around, and handing easier victories to democrats statewide, or worse, GOP candidates losing by narrow margins.
when a party loses narrowly, you still create an opposing incumbent who has the benefits of his office and is harder to take down next time.

case in point: sen boxer in CA, by rights should not have been elected in 92 (she only got 46%), but the failure of Bush I to attempt a campaign in the state he wrote off had demoralizing effects up and down the GOP ticket as GOPers didnt feel compeled to turnout.
i was a trenchwarrior/organizer in the GOP at that time, and knew the on-ground situation all too well.
our voters just did not turn out.

boxer has still failed to get a 50% tally in three elections, but the absence of a GOP 'force' on the ground has kept her in office.