Friday, February 29, 2008

The Fellation Candidate

While I have absolutely no intention of voting for Barack Obama, I have been trying very hard to like the guy. He's the likely Democrat nominee at this point. He doesn't come off as being nasty, the way Hillary Clinton does. If he gets elected President, I don't want to end up being overwhelmed by an Obama version of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

There is a reasonable chance that John McCain could beat Obama based solely on the issues. When people hear Obama flesh out the details of what he means when he says "change", they are going to question him big time. (Major league big time, even.) Nuclear disarmament? When we know that a bunch of third world crazies are stockpiling their own atomic weapons? Yeah, that'll make us safe. His big ideas are all about weakening American security, and beginning a handover of power to the sinister "world community". He has atrocious policy goals, he hangs out with some questionable characters, but on a personal level, I don't think he is the devil incarnate. I do not hate him.

When I see the kind of press this guy gets, though, I start to have second thoughts about his likability. Given that the media is largely in favor of whoever gets nominated by the Democrats, I expected him to get plenty of positive coverage. The reaction that people have been having to Obama is almost otherworldly. He's young! He's dynamic! He's about "change"! He can end war, poverty, and human suffering! A lot of women (and probably a few "men") who have their brains between their thighs love him because he's sexy -- why, they even faint at his rallies, they are so overcome with a hormone rush! Gah! How revolting.

But that's what so many people love about Obama. Image is everything. His hardcore leftist positions won't appeal to a broad range of voters. That is why the focus of his media coverage is purely superficial.

That is also why John McCain and the Republicans need to hammer away at him on the issues. If too many narcissistic righty talk show hosts and pundits go overboard with unsubstantive and irrelevant attacks like "his middle name is Hussein", "he has big ears", "Barack the Magic Negro" or whatever, Obama's victory will be assured.

It would be as shameless as the Left's disgusting fawning over Obama the public image. Don't stoop to their level.

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Sean G said...

I have to agree. At least as far as image goes, this election cycle is a win-win for the Dems. They get either an African-American or a Woman as President, and the other as Vice President.

I, too, am revolted at the media coverage given Obama. It's not like he's with the Beetles.

To quote Bill The Cat, "Ack!"