Monday, February 11, 2008

New Enemies

Yes, enemies, not opponents. If you disagree, then you haven't been paying attention to the rhetoric.

The local commies have endorsed candidates for local offices, including two that cross over into my jurisdiction. We will be up against one of these folks in the Fall:

In the 18th Congressional District, Monroeville businessman Steve O'Donnell won the party organization's support for the right to challenge the incumbent, Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair. Mr. O'Donnell had 115 votes, followed by Brien Wall, an Upper St. Clair businessman, with 81; Beth Hafer, of Mt. Lebanon, who works for the consulting firm operated by her mother, former state Treasurer Barbara Hafer, 51; Penn Hills school board member Erin Vecchio, 49; and Iraq war veteran Wayne Dudding, 28.

The 18th District has a Democratic registration advantage but bucked a Democratic congressional tide two years ago in easily turning aside a challenge from Democrat Chad Kluko.

Notably missing from the candidates' names is the fishmonger, who dropped out a few weeks ago. I still won't buy his fish.

I will reserve judgment on the Democrat candidate until after the primary decides who it is going to be. As for incumbent Tim Murphy, well, he's considered to be something of a moderate by local conservatives. He's still better than anyone the opposition can put up. Plus, he has that whole "the-left-hates-him-enough-to-protest-at-his-office-so-how-can-I-not-like-him" thing going for him. I can't wait to see how they are going to attack him when the campaign heats up.

The other local race:
In the only other contested county race, Pittsburgh Councilman Dan Deasy won the endorsement in the 27th Legislative District with 74 votes, over Ryan Douglass, 22; and John Paul Jones, 8. The seat was opened with the retirement of veteran Rep. Tom Petrone.
Petrone's retirement is a little surprising. Democrats have such a hold on this district that he could have easily been reelected until age 100 if he were to live that long. In all likelihood, whoever gets the Democrat nomination is going to be his replacement. The only candidate I was aware of until now was John Paul Jones, for my wife signed his petition when he was going door-to-door recently. I countered by signing a Republican petition for the same office. I will sign just about any petition handed to me -- if the petitioner is a Republican in my jurisdiction -- because it makes me feel like I've participated in the process. Whether or not I vote for the person later is another matter entirely. It's a secret ballot, and I'll vote for whoever I want to.

You can guarantee that my vote is not going to a Democrat candidate, endorsed or not.


Matt H said...

You didn't know who Councilman Dan Deasy was?

Where have you been?

Nicko McDave said...

In the suburbs!

jipzeecab said...

Congressman Tim made it to the Bethel Park Borough Council meeting long enough last evening to hand them one of those 48 inch long checks for $500,000 to use to reconstruct the intersection of Broughton and Baptist Roads. Freely admitted it was an "earmark".